Georgia Tew
4 years ago
Dr. Russell is the best in my opinion, and his staff are all very kind and helpful. I needed to get in for a needed...
Mike Houston
11 months ago
This is such a well run office I had to give a review. The staff are all friendly and helpful and Dr. Russell is very...
2 years ago
It is a very professional office. My Dentist referred me to Dr. Russell and he explained how he had all the latest equipment and I...

"I was very nervous going into my appointment for a root canal especially after hearing various people recount their scary and painful experiences. Dr. Russell immediately put me at ease as did his assistant. Everything went so smoothly. I was pleasantly surprised when he said it was all done. A post was added to stabilize my tooth. I have had no pain whatsoever and have been careful to follow the instructions given me. I would definitely recommend Russell Endodontics to anyone requiring a root canal. So happy my dentist referred me to him."

Nola L.


"I've never had a Root Canal before. Talking with friends had me worked up about the pain involved. The Dr offered me the Gentle Wave route and I took it. The worse pain was in the deadening shot. After the procedure they offered me a couple of Ibuprofen and I declined. They strongly recommended them for later pain so I took them. I had no other pain medication at all. It was a breeze. It was really a great experience, as far as Root Canals go anyway. Thank you."

Paul J


"Dr. Russell and his staff were so great with my two very difficult root canals. They were great to make sure I was as comfortable as possible, they made sure to go over everything they were doing and cost ahead of time. They were quick and efficient and it's very nice to know all the latest technology and equipment is being used to get the best outcome possible. They were very friendly and followed up to make sure I was doing OK. Excellent experience and I will go there for any future endodontic needs."

Jessica G